The 2020 CONIFA World Cup football tips – Did you know that there is a football world cup every two years?

Well there is and this year it was supposed to be in North Macedonia from 30 May – 7 June 2020 but it was canceled by CONIFA due to the Corona Virus pandemic. The new date has not been set yet.

North America has two teams in the CONIFA tournament Cascadia and The Les Québécois, of Quebec.

Cascadia made it into the last tournament in 2018 and was also scheduled to participate in the 2020 version however the Les Québécois last participated in the inaugural 2013 tournament.

Below are the participants of the 2020 tournament.


  • Matabeleland
  • Kabylia
  • Darfur
  • Western Sahara


  • Tamil Eelam
  • Panjab
  • United Koreans in Japan


  • South Ossetia
  • Western Armenia
  • Kernow
  • Parishes of Jersey
  • Karpatalya

North America

  • Cascadia


  • Australian First Nations

South America

  • Mapuche

Global ticket

  • Chagos Islands

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Starting with the defending 2018 champions Kárpátalja.

Our prediction for this team in most of the tournament will be was over 2.5 goals and we always looked comfortable. This because in the 2018 world cup only 6 out of the 41 matches played had under 2 goals scored.

The tournament produces a lot of goals and the teams are not defensive stalwarts.

The first goals came after just 5-10 minutes from a match. Things usually go a little quiet then, but it always looks like there would be more goals in the game.

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