Sports Betting strategies – The 50-50 Chance
Welcome to another edition of Sports Betting 101, this is Professor bets, the prof with the stuff, and I will teach you another very important principle about sports betting. Yup, you read it right, you’ll be unceremoniously schooled, again.

In our new lesson, I will teach you the one thing sports bettors don’t want to hear.

The 50-50 Chance.

Most gamblers don’t want to hear this phrase, in fact, most of them don’t even want to believe in it. Well, folks, stop being a joke, because believe it or not, your chances of winning in the sport of gambling is never better than 50-50.

Take for example in roulette, there are eighteen red numbers eighteen black numbers, plus the 0 and 00. That’s about a 50-50 chance of one of those two colors will show.

The same goes if you bet odd or even in roulette. There are eighteen odd numbers and there are eighteen even numbers. Even high-low bets offer you a 50-50 chance of winning. Eighteen numbers that go from 1-18 are low and eighteen numbers that go from 19-36 are high.

Sports Betting strategies in team sports

In team sports games, you get to choose one between the two competing teams, hence giving you a 50-50 chance. If you choose the Boston Celtics over the Detroit Pistons, which in my opinion will be utterly stupid, there’s a 50-50 chance that the Pistons will beat the Celtics and cream you down.

My point is, no matter how good a handicapper you are, you and that bum on the street both have a 50-50 chance of winning here in this world of sports betting. It’s just a matter

Sports Betting strategies FAQ’s
Q: How much time does a game have to play for my bet to have action?
A: For both Pro and College football, the game must go to 55 minutes of play.

Q: When a game goes into overtime how does this affect my total wager?
A: When wagering on game, second half and fourth quarter totals, overtime is included in the final score.

Q: If I bet a teaser and one team ties what happens to my wager?
A: If a team ties in a teaser, your bet is reduced the next level of teaser. For example, a 4-team teaser would become a 3-team teaser and the odds would be adjusted accordingly. In the event of a 2-team teaser with a tie and a win, you would get a refund and a tie and any loser is a loss.

Q: Can I put totals in teasers?
A: We accept totals in a regular teaser but in a Sweetheart teaser and a Pick-4 teasers, you cannot use totals.

Q: What happens if a game ties in a Sweetheart teaser or Pick-4 teaser?
A: In Sweetheart teasers and Pick-4 teasers, ties lose.

Q: How many points can I adjust my lines by in teasers?
A: With a regular teaser you can adjust the line in your favor by 6, 6 ½, and 7 points. In Sweetheart teasers you get 10 points and in Pick-4 teasers you get 12 points for NFL and 13 points for College Football.

Q: Can I buy points in football? If so, how many points can I buy?
A: Yes. You can buy up to 3 points in football, and it is an extra 10 cents juice per half point. However, when buying on and off the 3 in NFL, it costs an extra 20 cents per half point.

For example: if you want to take a game from +2 ½ to +3 ½ it will cost you 150/100. If you buy it from -3 to -2 ½, it will cost you 130/100.

Q: What happens if a team ties in a parlay?
A: When wagering on parlays, if one team ties, the parlay will reduce to next level.

For example: a 4-team parlay would become a 3-team parlay and the odds adjusted accordingly. In the event of a 2-team parlay and one team ties you will have a straight wager on the other team – risking the amount you risked on the parlay.

Q: Do you offer money-lines in football?
A: Yes – we offer money-lines in football. Money lines are posted on the day of the game and are offered on games with point-spreads from 2 ½ to 9.

Q: Can you parlay the money-line?
A: Yes – you can parlay the money-lines in football.

Q: Can I parlay football with other sports?
A: Yes – you can combine sports in parlays.

Q: Do you offer first and second halves on football games?
A: We offer first half and second half bets on all Pro and most College games. We also offer quarter wagering on NFL games.

Q: If a game goes into overtime, how does this affect my 4th Quarter wager?
A: When wagering on the 4th Quarter, overtime is included in the final score.

Q: What is the college overtime procedure?
A: College football overtimes commence with a 1st-and-10 starting on the opponents 25-yard line.

Sports Betting strategies more FAQs
Q: Do you offer propositions bets on football games?
A: Yes – we offer different types of Proposition bets on football. We have props for the entire season (e.g. total season wins, win Super Bowl). We also offer props on individual games, Monday Night Football, Thursday night football, Friday night football, selected College games on Saturdays, and the Sunday night NFL game.

Q: How many games do they have to play for my season props to have action?
A: In order for your season props to have action, they must complete the Regular season: 16 games for NFL and for College football they play their complete schedule. Different teams play different amounts of games.

Q: If a player only plays for 1 minute of the game will my prop bet a canceled?
A: When betting on player props, as long as he plays – even if it is only for a few seconds – the bet will have action. Your wager will only be canceled if he doesn’t play at all. In the event of a 2-player match-up, as long as one player starts, the bet has action.