Soccer Tips That Win? You Bet!
It seems that everyone wants winning soccer tips. But finding winning soccer tips sometimes will not help you win. Why? Well if you find a soccer betting tips service that tips winners at 2.00 (100 US odds) and 5 out of 10 wins, you would not have one anything.

The truth is most tipsters give out soccer tips at even shorter prices, and can claim that they have given over 80% or even 85% winners. The problem is that the collection from these soccer predictions would leave you in the red.

Let’s look at an example. A popular football tips service out there advises bets on 1.15 to 1.30 selections. The average price is 1.20. Now you can get an 80% strike rate just by blindly backing all soccer tips at this price at a sportsbook like Pinnacle or on Betfair. But will you make a profit? Let’s do the calculations for 100 bets, 80 winners:
£100 on 100 soccer bets = £10,000 staked
80 winners each returning £120 = £9600

LOSS = £400 + however much you paid for the tips.

So despite getting 80% winners we lost! And that getting the best prices available! Yet the service can boldly claim that they give 80% winners! This encourages lots of people like you to sign up with them.

So how are we different. Well, firstly we do not concentrate on our strike rate. All we are interested in is profit. If that means tipping bets at 2.50 and getting only 45% winners, then we are going to do it. Mostly, however, our soccer tips are in the range of 1.50 and 2.10.

And we do make profits. Season after season. So instead of looking for a football tipster that is going to give you 97% or 100% winners (not possible), try a soccer tips service that will produce longterm profits for you.

You might find that you like winning.

Football Betting Tips Update

It has been a busy 12 months, and I haven’t had a lot of time to update the results of the football betting tips. So let’s bring us all up to date.

The last two months of 2020 gave us £1422 profit, meaning that halfway through the season we were £10881 in profit. Onto 2010 and January produced £1435 profit – a nice start to the year.

February was even better with £1711 profit. The rest of the season went as planned, and at the end of July 2020, our soccer picks had amassed over £17000 in profit.

Most football tipsters and football betting systems struggled at the FA Cup, but not us. We raced into a huge profit and never looked back, finishing over £2100 in profit to £100 stakes.

Then came the new season after the Coronavirus lockdown was lifted, and a steady start in June 2020 with our football tips making just over £1600 profit. August 2020 was a good month for our football predictions and brought in £4168 profit.

If subscribers to the Standard Membership football betting tips service thought August was good, thay have a surprise waiting in September when most of the world’s soccer leagues start a new season. We aim to make a profit of over £4681, pushing our profit for the first four months of the season to over £10500.

I don’t do free trials, and I don’t supply lists of results. All tips can be verified by members in the members section. You see them exactly as existing members saw them on the day they were given out. I decided that was the best way to do things a long time ago.

It might be another year before I update these results, things get very busy this time of year, but you can rest assured that we are very much alive and kicking and making profits for the Standard Membership.

Now lets go make some for profit with these football betting tips!

Free Football Tips

Everyone loves free football tips. Indeed why should you pay for football tips when you can get them free? Why pay and expert football tipster each and every month for his football betting tips, when you can get other football tips for free?

To answer these questions, we need to look at what you get when you use free football tips. The first thing you will notice is that the site giving you these so called “free best football tips” are plastered with ads for bookmakers. These ads offer you free bonuses when you sign up. For example they might say – deposit €50 into your betting account and we will top it up by another 50%.

Sounds good doesn’t it. Now let us think about how this free tips website makes its money. When you click on one of the ads on their site and sign up with a bookmaker, the site gets a percentage of all your losses. Wait a second! This is the site thats giving you expert free football tips – surely this makes no sense? Their tips are going to win you money, so they will get a percentage of zero, which is – zero.

The truth is that these free football betting tips websites lose readers money in the long term, and the more of your money that they lose, the more money they make! In fact it is true to say that these websites want you to lose. Yes, they all sound very sincere in their forum discussions, they poke fun at other “scammers”, but the truth is – they do not make a penny until you go into the red.

“They are not in ot for the money” I hear you say. Come on! were you born yesterday? Everyone who creates a website or forum is only doing it for one reason – to make money. No exceptions!

So the next time you search for free football tips, think very carefully – is it really free? Or am I being hooked into somethong that is going to lose me a lot of money on the long term? You might then want to consider joining a professional soccer picks service, who are really interested in making you money. Why? because if their football tips do not measure up, you will leave, and they will not make any more money from you.