Sevilla vs Inter Prediction, Europa League, Friday 21 August.

It was tough and hard to swallow results for the Spanish side in the last round as a Manchester United fan, as the decisive goal came in the late session of that game.
Now, for Inter, this is the most important game of the season. It won’t be easy to overcome Sevilla, especially when there are some defensive issues ahead of this encounter in the Europa League Final.

The Central defense will be an issue as seen in that prior game because of a lack of a strong player. And possible replacements are nowhere near in form. We are talking about either the third or fourth back up.

The first was sidelined for more than 6 months, a time in which all players inevitably lose their rhythm, and the other one never officially played for Sevilla since being transferred on loan.
It remains to be seen which one will partner with the others in the central defense, but whoever will be, troubles are foreseen…
Veteran Coach Antonio Conte will need all of his tactics and bag of tricks but these aren’t new problems for the coach.

Sevilla vs Inter Prediction, Europa League, Friday 21 August
Coach Julen Lopetegui never ceases to stress out the differences in the offensive department, in regards to last season. Especially the weak play on the flanks is what bothers and what will be upgraded for this clash.
Inter usually play 4-2-3-1, a system that most probably now will be transformed in 4-3-3, with the two wingers pushed by the side of striker Lukaku and Sanchez. 
From all the official statements we can understand that the emphasis will be on the flanks. Coach is unhappy with the creation phase so far and players reiterate how they need to score one early. But it won’t be easy for them to just switch and create more all of a sudden. They will need the support of the defensive midfielders for that, the inside right and left will have to participate and be more involved at construction.
This can have a boomerang effect, leaving them naked against an agile and organized Sevilla. (Reminder that Inter will miss one of their central defenders and the possible substitutes are out of form).

To make a general idea on Sevilla, everyone should know that their formation is the same as Inter’s, 4-2-3-1, easily turning in a 4-3-3 with the accent on the wingers, Lukaku and Sanchez. Upfront striker Ashley Young can harm many defenses as he proved he’s got enough quality and skills.
They usually start their games in a slow manner (adopting the 4-2-3-1). At first, they try to focus on surprising the opponent by resisting attacks and relying on the speed of their wingers. Needless to say, it never works, as the primary thing needed in order to successfully play counter-tactics is a solid defense and guests are not near to having it. Only after that, they switch to 4-3-3 (most the time it happens before half time…)
There wasn’t a single game in which Sevilla kept a clean sheet this season. They can create and convert but the problem is at the back.

With this being the most important game of the season for Inter they will push hard from the 1st minute, and with defensive issues on both sides (suspended central defender for the hosts and the way the team is built for the guests) we should see many changes and at least 3 of them converted.
The 2-1 from the first leg is a result that guarantees us continuing pressures from one team or another. It doesn’t matter who will open the score as there won’t be any apathy afterward, the two teams will still give their best.

At a first sight this looks like a clash between two team that have overachieved this tournament . But once we go a bit in depth things become crystal clear.

Hosts will enter this game in good form after managing two straight wins thanks to an effective playing style. Conte has been very successful at inter since leaving Chelsea in 2018.

Conte won three successive Serie A titles with Juventus followed by the 2016/17 Premier League title and 2018 FA Cup with Chelsea, while Lopetegui has been unable to claim a single honor at senior level as a coach.

he current season finally brought some joy as he guided Sevilla to a top-four finish in La Liga and then reached the Europa League final with a combative side whose work rate exceeds its talent.
It will be hard to find a proper replacement for experience with the club having won 5 Europa league trophies compared to Inter whose drought stretches to 10 years.

But on the bright side, there will be exactly the same midfield for Inter and the Manchester United trio who have been guiding this team all season long and one that created many opportunities and at the same time prevented opponents to give birth to dangerous actions.
Hosts’ coach may try a new set of forwards with this occasion, the coach can use experienced players upfront like Lukaku and Sanchez. Either way, the options are there.  
The starting 11 will once again include Christian Eriksen, but there will be no downgrade here, as the latter managed a great performance last round.
So except the offense where they will have the trio from Man U who are looking to lift this trophy for the first time in their careers together. The new faces, will enter the field with the same team that produced their first away win this season, with the same attitude and combative spirit. The only thing that will be different will be their morale that has grown exponentially.

Sevilla vs Inter Prediction, Europa League, Friday 21 August

Regarding Sevilla, there’s a totally different story. They are delivering the better than expected results from a couple of rounds already and now things will go from luck to skill. They will be naked in the midfield (just like a topless girl waiting for the final move…). Defenders won’t be able to hold their ground with the help of an improvise midfield, just like the offense won’t have enough balls to try and convert.
Major headaches for the guests, not many people would like to be in the shoes of their coach for this one…
When we add to that their good unexpected run and high self-confidence, there should be only one possible outcome.

At 2.00 odds are still pretty high and there’s no massive movement. There are several reasons for that: bettors’ attention is captured by this the Europa Champions League game tonight, which is of interest for European based punters
The level of confidence for this bet should be somewhere between medium and high, as there are always unexpected surprises in this tournament since these teams rarely play each other.