Professional Betting Tips – The Best Method to Place Profitable Bets Football betting systems have always been popular, but now with the arrival of the internet, they are even more accessible.

However most punters still fail to make a profit from any of the football betting systems they purchase. Why? To find the answer we must look at how these systems are discovered.

To find fixed odds football betting systems, or any football betting system for that matter, the vendor would have spent many hours trawling through past results looking for a pattern that produces a profit over that period.

However just because a set of rules proved profitable over a period of time, doesn’t mean they will make a very big profit in the future. Armed with these statistics most vendors go to the market, making rash promises about their football predictions. The unsuspecting buyer believes these promise and buys the soccer betting system, however the profits promised never arrive.

The more scrupulous vendors will test the “rules” used in their system over a short period. These “live” tests will often fail to make a profit.  If the system makes a profit in this period it is marketed. If it doesn’t it is tweaked and another live test is carried out.

Now I know what you are thinking – you are thinking that it is just a matter of finding these scrupulous vendors, and then you will be in profit. Wrong! Even if the system made a profit when the vendor used it, it is unlikely to make a profit when you use it.

Why? If the vendor sells 1000 copies, that is 1000 people betting the same selection. The result? The price contracts and all the value is wiped out.

Here is an example: The vendor has been getting an average of 2.10 for his selections and winning 50% of his bets. That gave him a profit of 10 points over 100 bets. Now with 1000 people using it, the average price drops to 1.90. A loss of 10 points over 100 bets!

A lot of people believe that football betting systems are cheaper than paying for monthly football betting tips. On the actual face of it this actually looks to be true. After all football betting systems have just a once off payment, whereas football betting tips are usually a monthly subscription.

However as I just explained, it is impossible to find a system that wins over a long term. With football betting tips however the opposite is true. If the vendor doesn’t make a profit for his clients, he will soon go out of business. Most football betting tips vendors carefully monitor the prices of their selections and only sell a limited number of memberships.

This makes using a good football betting tips service a winner every time when compared to football betting systems.

Do you want to know what football betting tips are the most useful to your long-term success? Many professional football bettors are eager to know answers to similar questions. There are many football betting tips you can use to help you become a better professional football bettor. But no matter how many football betting tips you learn if you do not follow them and master them,

Even though this may seem like very basic knowledge, and you would figure that any professional bettor would follow this you would be surprised exactly how many don’t. Sometimes you simply see a particular team going off at a good price and you feel inclined to jump all over it. You figure that because their price is so high this is a sure thing, maybe you are using some type of football betting system which encourages this, or maybe you simply have a feeling about a particular team. You need to know the strengths of their wins and losses; you also need to know how they perform against certain teams especially if it is a derby game. These types of games can mean devastation to your bankroll as a professional bettor, and sometimes you will feel an impulse to bet way more money than what is in your comfort zone, or your limit. You never want to bet more money than what you can afford to lose.

Why Are Football Betting Systems So Popular?

Football betting systems are so popular because football is the most popular sport around the world. Football is one of the most heavily wagered on sports around the world on a daily basis. There are many bookies that make their living taking football bets daily, and many of these bookies welcome those who are trying to use football betting systems to try and beat them. If you’re hoping to use football betting systems to be the bookies, then you are going to be up against it.

Football betting systems have been and will always be around for a long time, and bookies welcome anyone who is willing to try such systems. The reason why is because they know such systems will not work over a long period of time. Even if you’re lucky enough to make a big score in the beginning, many bookies know your average better will not have enough self-discipline to walk away when they are ahead. Bookies know your average football better will believe they have found the Holy Grail.

They will attempt to use the same football betting systems over and over again believing they can crush the bookie, but the only thing that ends up happening is the amateurish better ends up losing all of their money. If you are actually serious about beating the bookies on a consistent basis, then you are going to need something in your arsenal which will be consistent. Football betting systems are not going to work over the long run to help you beat the game of football. You’re going to need real advice and real picks based on sound knowledge and experience.

You’re going to need something which would give you the ability to pick football at a consistent rate. The best option for you besides using football betting systems which don’t work is to use a good football tipping service. A good football tipping service will enable you to be the bookies on a consistent basis. Even though you actually may have to pay a little bit of money to utilize such services, it is well worth it in the long run. Not only will you be thankful for using these types of services, but your bankroll will also be thankful. You do not want to be like various other bettors who are dependent upon football betting systems, hoping to beat the system.

Professional bookies have seen just about every type of system there is, and they know exactly what to do to beat him. They know the psychology behind such systems and they also know the emotional state behind the people that use them. You don’t want to be in this camp, if you are serious about making a living from betting football, then using professional picking services is a superior option.

Football betting systems can have a little bit of success in the beginning, but they are definitely not designed for you to make a career out of using them. Professional picking services are built for the true consummate professional.

Soccer Tips Update for October

I was a little pessimism about our chances of repeating September’s profits in my last update, but my pessimism has been unfounded.

In October we had 34 selections and just 3 losers!

Our profit for the month to £100 stakes was £2191

That is a return of 64% on stakes, and a really remarkable result.