NBA Betting Options
There is a wide variety of options for online NBA bettors. On this page, you will find a quick overview of each type of wager, with examples to help you best understand.

NBA Betting Options – Spread Betting
Spread betting is the most popular form of NBA wager because it puts the teams on an even playing field allowing a wager on either team to win roughly 50% of the time and payout equal amounts.

In NBA spread betting the underdog is given a point handicap. For a wager on the underdog to payout, the underdog must either win the game outright or lose by fewer points than the handicap. The favorite, on the other hand, must win the game by more than the handicap in order for a wager on the favorite to payout. Here is an example:

Toronto Raptors +9.5 (-110)
Miami Heat -9.5 (-110)

In this case, the Heat have considered 9.5 point favorites over the Raptors. If the Heat win by 10 or more points all Miami Heat spread bets are paid out, while if the Raptors either win or keep the game within 9 points the Raptors bets are paid out.

In the NBA there is a large contrast between the best and worst teams in the league. Spread betting allows bettors to look at the teams on a more even playing field so that wagers on favourites actually payout decent amounts, while underdog wagers come through more than once in a blue moon.

NBA Betting Options – Money Line Betting
Money line betting is the most straight forward form of NBA betting. You simply wager on which team you think will win the game and the payout received is according to the odds associated with each selection. Continuing with the example above the money line for the Raptors vs Heat game would look something like this:

Toronto Raptors +400
Miami Heat -500

As you can see, if the Raptors win all Raptors bets would have a large 4 to 1 return on their investment, while if the Heat win there would be small return of 1 to 5 for Heat bettors. These odds show that the Raptors have an approximately 20% chance to win the game, while the Heat have an 83% chance. The 3% extra is the juice taken by the sportsbook. If you feel the Raptors have a greater than 20% chance of winning, bet the Raptors. And if you think the Heat will win more than 83% of the time, take the Heat.

NBA Betting Options – Over/Under Betting
Over/under betting, also known as totals betting, is another popular form of NBA wager. The oddsmakers set a total amount of points that will be scored in the game and then bettors can wager whether they think the number of points scored will be greater than or less than the amount shown.

Toronto Raptors @ Miami Heat
Over 213.5 (-110)
Under 213.5 (-110)

If you think there will be 214 or more points scored, bet the over, and if you think fewer than 214 points will be scored, bet the under.

First Half Betting
The majority of online sportsbooks, including the ones we promote here at, will also offer first half spreads and over/under lines. These bets work the same way as described above, except that only the first half matters.

Futures Betting
Betting on which team will win this year’s NBA Championship is the most common NBA futures wager. Other NBA futures wagers include which team will win each division or conference, or even over/unders on the amount of points each team will attain during the season.

Prop Betting
Prop betting involves everything in the game that does not directly influence the outcome. Some prop bets may include which team scores the first basket, how many three-pointers are scored in the game, how many points a star player will score and much, much more. The bigger the game, the more prop bets you will be able to find online.

As you can see there are plenty of options for online NBA bettors. Our predictions mostly focus on NBA spreads and money lines, but we will throw in the odd over/under as well. Check out our most recent NBA predictions to see how we use these betting options to make money online.