Football Tips that Rock – As I write this we have actually had an already had a profitable start to November.

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Football betting tips come good

With the world cup qualifiers on at the moment, I have a spare moment at last and thought I would update the blog.

September was and extraordinary month for us we had a total of 47 football betting selections and of these 44 won. Our online soccer betting profit for the month was a massive 33.65 points.

In real money this means that if you placed a £100 bet on each then you would have won £3365.

Will every month be like this? Of course not! In some months we might do worse, in others a lot worse! The important thing to always remember and trust is that we WILL make you money from football betting in the long run.

All you need and have to do is actually take the courage of your convictions and to keep following us. It might just be that when you join us we will have one of our rare bad months.

Bad months are part and parcel of sports betting. The important thing to know is that we have had one losing month since we started, and only 5 where the profit has been less than 5 points.

All profits are quoted to 1 point level stakes. We don’t use progressive betting or any gimmicks here. Just good old fashioned winners.

As I write this October is already in profit, and we are headed for another good month.  This service does one thing – it delivers long term profits. Full stop.

Holy cow! This Football betting Tips Rock!

That was the message I received from a new subscriber to the football betting tips. He has only been with the football tips service for a couple of months and is still building his bank.

So what brought about that reaction? Quite simply stunning results in the months of July and August.

July was our busiest on record with no less than 21 selections! All but one of these won. The loser? The St. Polten vs RB Salzburg B match.  It was looking like we would make it a 100% record for the month, but then on the later part of the month, actually on the 24th of the month we had a loser.

The final outcome is 21 selections and 16.55 points profit.

August was the real eye opener for new members. We had 58 football betting tips and the profit to 1 point level stakes was 37.90 points! This makes August our new record holder for the amount of profit generated.

The year is going very well so far, but I want to stress that we CAN have bad months. In over ten years of this service we have had just one losing month and 4 months when we made a profit of less than 5 points.

But the bad months are usually followed by extremely good ones, and we have made a profit every year since the service began.

There aren’t many services that can claim that.

Profitable Football Betting Tips

May was the best month ever for my football betting tips. This part of the football season generated a bonanza of tips.

We had 43 selections and 29.15 points profits to 1 point level stakes. What a month. After that June was always going to be up against it, but it came good as well.

We had 14 selections in June and profits of 9.55 points to 1 point level stakes.

Over the last of the previous two months (May and June 2020) we have had 57 selections and no less than 38.7 points profit.

If you can find better football betting tips anywhere, I will be amazed!

At this time I actually must point out that although we have been winning a lot in the last and past few months, it is also possible to have bad months. So if you are joining the service come in with your eyes open and be prepared to stick with it.

Only then will you start to make long term profits.

Football Tips

My football tips for the month of March and April were quite impressive.

We had 13 football tips in March and a profit of 8.35 points. In April we had 26 soccer betting tips and 15.85 points profit.

So we are looking very good this year, my football picks have brought in over 26 points profit.

Now we move into spring and summer, and I can’t wait to see how these football betting systems perform. If previous years are anything to go by, we are going to make lots of profit.

Bring it on! This has got and will always be the best football betting tips service around!