Football betting tips
Once again my new year’s resolution has been to keep this football betting tips blog updated.
Our football betting tips for the months of June, July and August (yes, I know it been a while since the last update) were as follows:
We had a total of 106 selections for a profit of 27.7 points. July was by far the best month with 12.2 points profit. Remember these are all to 1 point level stake on each selection.
No progressive betting here!
So the summary for the year is as follows:
281 football betting tips, 91 points profit. If you had placed £500 on each selection (I know many of you who have more than this on a selection!) your profit was £45,500

Football betting tips systems

Here are the football selections my football betting systems threw up during July and August.
July produced 8 selections and a profit of 3.6 points
August was a busy month with 29 selections and a profit of 11.35 points.
So, all in all, we are doing extremely well this year (again) our only losing month was March when we lost a mere 1.85 points.
Profit for the year to date is 63.3 points from 175 football selections
Look, if you are after a get rich quick plan this is NOT for you. If you want something that wins, and wins more often than it loses, then try the selections from this football betting system

Football betting tips

I promised to keep this Football betting tips blog up to date, but I find I just don’t get the time to do monthly updates.
So here is the summary of May and June.
In May we had 34 football selections and our football profit was 10.75 points.
June was an exceptional month! We did not have a loser! 10 football selections, All WON! Profit was (hey I don’t need a calculator for this one) 10 points.
So for the two months, we made a profit of 20.75 points from 44 selections.
This IS how you bet on football!

Soccer Betting Tips

Our Soccer betting tips for the month of March and April returned a good profit. I must admit that March was a tough month. We started great and were 5 points up after a couple of days.

April on the other hand started poorly with a loser on the first day. But we pulled it back at the end of April we are showing a huge profit.
The numbers? Over the two months, we had 64 soccer betting tips.
We made a loss of 1.85 points in March and a profit of 13.6 points in April.
So overall a profit of 11.75 points from the two months.
March was the first losing month in the last 2 years, and I think we must expect the occasional hiccup here and there.

How to bet on football

How to bet on Football and win consistently. I get asked that many times. the answer is really simple: take out a subscription to my service and stick with it. You WILL win at football in the long run.
For example, if you had joined me at the start of this month, we had a busy month with 20 selections. The profit was 10.35 points to level stakes, so for £100 level stakes, your profit for the month would have been £1035.
Stick with me and you will show a profit, that’s how to bet on football.

Soccer Betting System Wins

In total, we had 10 soccer betting system selections during the month and only one of them lost.
The profit is 5.45 points to level stakes, which represents a 54.5% Return On Investment.
I did say that at the start of the month that we would win in the long term, and most of you have stuck with it and are now reaping the rewards.

Football Betting Selections 2020

Well, I have got this blog up at last – accomplished one of my New Year resolutions in the process.
So how did we do in 2006? Most of you who have been with me from the start is probably not reading this, you are to busy spending your winnings.
We had 342 football selections during the year and we made a profit of 163.7 points to level stakes.
In terms of the amount of profit, March and October were our best months with 23+ points in each, November and December followed close behind.
In terms of Return On Investment (ROI), January was the best with a 100% ROI. You can’t beat that! But sadly we only had 5 selections for the whole month!
So onto 2020-2021, yes I know we had a sticky start, the Wolverhampton vs Sevilla Game was a blow, but remember, we have had losers in the past and we always end up in profit.
Yes, we lost the battle on 11 August, but we will win the war!