Monday Night Football Parlay – Parlay betting, or accumulator betting as it is also known, is more than one sporting event tied to a single bet. A Monday Night football parlay can be as simple as the Monday Night Football Predictions wagering on the outcome of the two games that kick off the brand new ESPN Monday Night Football season but as one bet. Depending on the online sportsbook that you choose, the odds for both results happening the way you predict will be greater than the individual odds per game. A sports bettor who skillfully plays the Monday Night NFL predictions can make a lot of money in a short space of time!

Monday Night Football is ESPN’s sporting flagship. To put it in its simplest terms, ESPN’s financial wealth and knowledge of sports ensure that Monday Night Football is the biggest deal of the week in terms of NFL games, and football-related TV shows.

It is, therefore, no surprise that the Monday Night Football game is the most important NFL fixture of the week for most sports bettors, and the most astute amongst them will continually search for the very best Monday Night Football pick, prediction, spread and Monday Night football parlay that will net them big bucks each Monday night.

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We can supply a simple Monday Night football picks for the sports bettor, or they can construct their own, based on the picks and predictions supply. For example, we can provide a two, three, or four weeks Monday Night NFL parlay, providing the winners for the next four Monday Night Football games, which would then be consolidated into one rolling wager. However, many of our customers prefer to create their own, more complex Monday Night football parlay.

A great favorite is to tie in the Thursday Night NFL game with one or more of the Saturday afternoon football fixtures, with the Monday Night Football game being the last piece of the puzzle.

When we say ”serious and intelligent sports bettor” we are not being patronized. ”Serious” because we want the sports bettor to return again and again, week after week, and take full advantage of our amazing picks. ”Intelligent” because it takes a strong level of intellect to realize that one’s own choice of Monday Night Football pick will never match up to that of a professional sports handicapper like

This kind of Monday Night football picks will, therefore, involve a minimum of three games, and a maximum of 16, and will pay out enormous dividends to the sports bettor should all of their picks come through. As any experienced sports bettor knows, the more complex the parlay, the more chances for it to fail, and just one wrong result will send it crashing like a house of cards!

The Monday Night football parlay also depends upon the flexibility of the online sportsbook that the bettor chooses, and the quality of the odds that are given. supplies the sports wagerer with a rock-solid Monday Night NFL parlay involving up to four football games. Our parlays are based upon our bulletproof NFL picks, and therefore have an extremely high success rate. They are also always accepted by all top online sportsbooks, the only difference being the variation of odds given.

No matter how simple or complex you want your Monday Night NFL to parlay to be, as long as it is built around the fantastic NFL picks and predictions courtesy of top online sports handicappers, you will always stand to make fantastic returns from wagering on the Monday Night Football game!

Monday Night Football Predictions Example

The Kansas City Chiefs (14-4) are the defending champs and are not the prettiest team in the league but they are among the best two teams in the league as evidenced by their berth in the Super Bowl odds competition.

This team is indeed flawed, from its patchwork O-line to its unconventional QB, to its at times spotty coverage downfield by its secondary. And the only stat line that matters is winning. And key in almost every big Chief’s wins last year has been the play of quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

He made some incredible game-changing plays over the course of the regular season, but surprisingly, when his big plays have been needed most in the postseason the QB has answered the call, his presence in the team’s two playoff games last season, propelled them to the super bowl.

If the Steelers were going to grab an unprecedented first Lombardi Trophy in 50 years, they needed him to deliver, and boy did he deliver in a big way.

In perhaps the biggest surprise in the whole Chiefs run to the 2020 Super Bowl betting action is the fact that Mahomes hasn’t played a bigger role.

But it wasn’t so much the plays themselves but the timing of the plays such as the 4th quarter come back wins.

Nonetheless, if you’re going to bet on the Super Bowl trophy ending up in the hands of the Chief’s hands you’ve got be thinking that Mahomes would have to play a big part in it.