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Sevilla vs Inter Prediction for The Europa League Final

Sevilla vs Inter Prediction, Europa League, Friday 21 August.

It was tough and hard to swallow results for the Spanish side in the last round as a Manchester United fan, as the decisive goal came in the late session of that game.
Now, for Inter, this is the most important game of the season. It won’t be easy to overcome Sevilla, especially when there are some defensive issues ahead of this encounter in the Europa League Final.

The Central defense will be an issue as seen in that prior game because of a lack of a strong player. And possible replacements are nowhere near in form. We are talking about either the third or fourth back up.

The first was sidelined for more than 6 months, a time in which all players inevitably lose their rhythm, and the other one never officially played for Sevilla since being transferred on loan.
It remains to be seen which one will partner with the others in the central defense, but whoever will be, troubles are foreseen…
Veteran Coach Antonio Conte will need all of his tactics and bag of tricks but these aren’t new problems for the coach.

Sevilla vs Inter Prediction, Europa League, Friday 21 August
Coach Julen Lopetegui never ceases to stress out the differences in the offensive department, in regards to last season. Especially the weak play on the flanks is what bothers and what will be upgraded for this clash.
Inter usually play 4-2-3-1, a system that most probably now will be transformed in 4-3-3, with the two wingers pushed by the side of striker Lukaku and Sanchez. 
From all the official statements we can understand that the emphasis will be on the flanks. Coach is unhappy with the creation phase so far and players reiterate how they need to score one early. But it won’t be easy for them to just switch and create more all of a sudden. They will need the support of the defensive midfielders for that, the inside right and left will have to participate and be more involved at construction.
This can have a boomerang effect, leaving them naked against an agile and organized Sevilla. (Reminder that Inter will miss one of their central defenders and the possible substitutes are out of form).

To make a general idea on Sevilla, everyone should know that their formation is the same as Inter’s, 4-2-3-1, easily turning in a 4-3-3 with the accent on the wingers, Lukaku and Sanchez. Upfront striker Ashley Young can harm many defenses as he proved he’s got enough quality and skills.
They usually start their games in a slow manner (adopting the 4-2-3-1). At first, they try to focus on surprising the opponent by resisting attacks and relying on the speed of their wingers. Needless to say, it never works, as the primary thing needed in order to successfully play counter-tactics is a solid defense and guests are not near to having it. Only after that, they switch to 4-3-3 (most the time it happens before half time…)
There wasn’t a single game in which Sevilla kept a clean sheet this season. They can create and convert but the problem is at the back.

With this being the most important game of the season for Inter they will push hard from the 1st minute, and with defensive issues on both sides (suspended central defender for the hosts and the way the team is built for the guests) we should see many changes and at least 3 of them converted.
The 2-1 from the first leg is a result that guarantees us continuing pressures from one team or another. It doesn’t matter who will open the score as there won’t be any apathy afterward, the two teams will still give their best.

At a first sight this looks like a clash between two team that have overachieved this tournament . But once we go a bit in depth things become crystal clear.

Hosts will enter this game in good form after managing two straight wins thanks to an effective playing style. Conte has been very successful at inter since leaving Chelsea in 2018.

Conte won three successive Serie A titles with Juventus followed by the 2016/17 Premier League title and 2018 FA Cup with Chelsea, while Lopetegui has been unable to claim a single honor at senior level as a coach.

he current season finally brought some joy as he guided Sevilla to a top-four finish in La Liga and then reached the Europa League final with a combative side whose work rate exceeds its talent.
It will be hard to find a proper replacement for experience with the club having won 5 Europa league trophies compared to Inter whose drought stretches to 10 years.

But on the bright side, there will be exactly the same midfield for Inter and the Manchester United trio who have been guiding this team all season long and one that created many opportunities and at the same time prevented opponents to give birth to dangerous actions.
Hosts’ coach may try a new set of forwards with this occasion, the coach can use experienced players upfront like Lukaku and Sanchez. Either way, the options are there.  
The starting 11 will once again include Christian Eriksen, but there will be no downgrade here, as the latter managed a great performance last round.
So except the offense where they will have the trio from Man U who are looking to lift this trophy for the first time in their careers together. The new faces, will enter the field with the same team that produced their first away win this season, with the same attitude and combative spirit. The only thing that will be different will be their morale that has grown exponentially.

Sevilla vs Inter Prediction, Europa League, Friday 21 August

Regarding Sevilla, there’s a totally different story. They are delivering the better than expected results from a couple of rounds already and now things will go from luck to skill. They will be naked in the midfield (just like a topless girl waiting for the final move…). Defenders won’t be able to hold their ground with the help of an improvise midfield, just like the offense won’t have enough balls to try and convert.
Major headaches for the guests, not many people would like to be in the shoes of their coach for this one…
When we add to that their good unexpected run and high self-confidence, there should be only one possible outcome.

At 2.00 odds are still pretty high and there’s no massive movement. There are several reasons for that: bettors’ attention is captured by this the Europa Champions League game tonight, which is of interest for European based punters
The level of confidence for this bet should be somewhere between medium and high, as there are always unexpected surprises in this tournament since these teams rarely play each other.

Football Betting Tips That Can Build a Bankroll

Football betting tips
Once again my new year’s resolution has been to keep this football betting tips blog updated.
Our football betting tips for the months of June, July and August (yes, I know it been a while since the last update) were as follows:
We had a total of 106 selections for a profit of 27.7 points. July was by far the best month with 12.2 points profit. Remember these are all to 1 point level stake on each selection.
No progressive betting here!
So the summary for the year is as follows:
281 football betting tips, 91 points profit. If you had placed £500 on each selection (I know many of you who have more than this on a selection!) your profit was £45,500

Football betting tips systems

Here are the football selections my football betting systems threw up during July and August.
July produced 8 selections and a profit of 3.6 points
August was a busy month with 29 selections and a profit of 11.35 points.
So, all in all, we are doing extremely well this year (again) our only losing month was March when we lost a mere 1.85 points.
Profit for the year to date is 63.3 points from 175 football selections
Look, if you are after a get rich quick plan this is NOT for you. If you want something that wins, and wins more often than it loses, then try the selections from this football betting system

Football betting tips

I promised to keep this Football betting tips blog up to date, but I find I just don’t get the time to do monthly updates.
So here is the summary of May and June.
In May we had 34 football selections and our football profit was 10.75 points.
June was an exceptional month! We did not have a loser! 10 football selections, All WON! Profit was (hey I don’t need a calculator for this one) 10 points.
So for the two months, we made a profit of 20.75 points from 44 selections.
This IS how you bet on football!

Soccer Betting Tips

Our Soccer betting tips for the month of March and April returned a good profit. I must admit that March was a tough month. We started great and were 5 points up after a couple of days.

April on the other hand started poorly with a loser on the first day. But we pulled it back at the end of April we are showing a huge profit.
The numbers? Over the two months, we had 64 soccer betting tips.
We made a loss of 1.85 points in March and a profit of 13.6 points in April.
So overall a profit of 11.75 points from the two months.
March was the first losing month in the last 2 years, and I think we must expect the occasional hiccup here and there.

How to bet on football

How to bet on Football and win consistently. I get asked that many times. the answer is really simple: take out a subscription to my service and stick with it. You WILL win at football in the long run.
For example, if you had joined me at the start of this month, we had a busy month with 20 selections. The profit was 10.35 points to level stakes, so for £100 level stakes, your profit for the month would have been £1035.
Stick with me and you will show a profit, that’s how to bet on football.

Soccer Betting System Wins

In total, we had 10 soccer betting system selections during the month and only one of them lost.
The profit is 5.45 points to level stakes, which represents a 54.5% Return On Investment.
I did say that at the start of the month that we would win in the long term, and most of you have stuck with it and are now reaping the rewards.

Football Betting Selections 2020

Well, I have got this blog up at last – accomplished one of my New Year resolutions in the process.
So how did we do in 2006? Most of you who have been with me from the start is probably not reading this, you are to busy spending your winnings.
We had 342 football selections during the year and we made a profit of 163.7 points to level stakes.
In terms of the amount of profit, March and October were our best months with 23+ points in each, November and December followed close behind.
In terms of Return On Investment (ROI), January was the best with a 100% ROI. You can’t beat that! But sadly we only had 5 selections for the whole month!
So onto 2020-2021, yes I know we had a sticky start, the Wolverhampton vs Sevilla Game was a blow, but remember, we have had losers in the past and we always end up in profit.
Yes, we lost the battle on 11 August, but we will win the war!

Soccer Tips That Win? You Bet!

Soccer Tips That Win? You Bet!
It seems that everyone wants winning soccer tips. But finding winning soccer tips sometimes will not help you win. Why? Well if you find a soccer betting tips service that tips winners at 2.00 (100 US odds) and 5 out of 10 wins, you would not have one anything.

The truth is most tipsters give out soccer tips at even shorter prices, and can claim that they have given over 80% or even 85% winners. The problem is that the collection from these soccer predictions would leave you in the red.

Let’s look at an example. A popular football tips service out there advises bets on 1.15 to 1.30 selections. The average price is 1.20. Now you can get an 80% strike rate just by blindly backing all soccer tips at this price at a sportsbook like Pinnacle or on Betfair. But will you make a profit? Let’s do the calculations for 100 bets, 80 winners:
£100 on 100 soccer bets = £10,000 staked
80 winners each returning £120 = £9600

LOSS = £400 + however much you paid for the tips.

So despite getting 80% winners we lost! And that getting the best prices available! Yet the service can boldly claim that they give 80% winners! This encourages lots of people like you to sign up with them.

So how are we different. Well, firstly we do not concentrate on our strike rate. All we are interested in is profit. If that means tipping bets at 2.50 and getting only 45% winners, then we are going to do it. Mostly, however, our soccer tips are in the range of 1.50 and 2.10.

And we do make profits. Season after season. So instead of looking for a football tipster that is going to give you 97% or 100% winners (not possible), try a soccer tips service that will produce longterm profits for you.

You might find that you like winning.

Football Betting Tips Update

It has been a busy 12 months, and I haven’t had a lot of time to update the results of the football betting tips. So let’s bring us all up to date.

The last two months of 2020 gave us £1422 profit, meaning that halfway through the season we were £10881 in profit. Onto 2010 and January produced £1435 profit – a nice start to the year.

February was even better with £1711 profit. The rest of the season went as planned, and at the end of July 2020, our soccer picks had amassed over £17000 in profit.

Most football tipsters and football betting systems struggled at the FA Cup, but not us. We raced into a huge profit and never looked back, finishing over £2100 in profit to £100 stakes.

Then came the new season after the Coronavirus lockdown was lifted, and a steady start in June 2020 with our football tips making just over £1600 profit. August 2020 was a good month for our football predictions and brought in £4168 profit.

If subscribers to the Standard Membership football betting tips service thought August was good, thay have a surprise waiting in September when most of the world’s soccer leagues start a new season. We aim to make a profit of over £4681, pushing our profit for the first four months of the season to over £10500.

I don’t do free trials, and I don’t supply lists of results. All tips can be verified by members in the members section. You see them exactly as existing members saw them on the day they were given out. I decided that was the best way to do things a long time ago.

It might be another year before I update these results, things get very busy this time of year, but you can rest assured that we are very much alive and kicking and making profits for the Standard Membership.

Now lets go make some for profit with these football betting tips!

Free Football Tips

Everyone loves free football tips. Indeed why should you pay for football tips when you can get them free? Why pay and expert football tipster each and every month for his football betting tips, when you can get other football tips for free?

To answer these questions, we need to look at what you get when you use free football tips. The first thing you will notice is that the site giving you these so called “free best football tips” are plastered with ads for bookmakers. These ads offer you free bonuses when you sign up. For example they might say – deposit €50 into your betting account and we will top it up by another 50%.

Sounds good doesn’t it. Now let us think about how this free tips website makes its money. When you click on one of the ads on their site and sign up with a bookmaker, the site gets a percentage of all your losses. Wait a second! This is the site thats giving you expert free football tips – surely this makes no sense? Their tips are going to win you money, so they will get a percentage of zero, which is – zero.

The truth is that these free football betting tips websites lose readers money in the long term, and the more of your money that they lose, the more money they make! In fact it is true to say that these websites want you to lose. Yes, they all sound very sincere in their forum discussions, they poke fun at other “scammers”, but the truth is – they do not make a penny until you go into the red.

“They are not in ot for the money” I hear you say. Come on! were you born yesterday? Everyone who creates a website or forum is only doing it for one reason – to make money. No exceptions!

So the next time you search for free football tips, think very carefully – is it really free? Or am I being hooked into somethong that is going to lose me a lot of money on the long term? You might then want to consider joining a professional soccer picks service, who are really interested in making you money. Why? because if their football tips do not measure up, you will leave, and they will not make any more money from you.

The 2020 CONIFA World Cup football tips

The 2020 CONIFA World Cup football tips – Did you know that there is a football world cup every two years?

Well there is and this year it was supposed to be in North Macedonia from 30 May – 7 June 2020 but it was canceled by CONIFA due to the Corona Virus pandemic. The new date has not been set yet.

North America has two teams in the CONIFA tournament Cascadia and The Les Québécois, of Quebec.

Cascadia made it into the last tournament in 2018 and was also scheduled to participate in the 2020 version however the Les Québécois last participated in the inaugural 2013 tournament.

Below are the participants of the 2020 tournament.


  • Matabeleland
  • Kabylia
  • Darfur
  • Western Sahara


  • Tamil Eelam
  • Panjab
  • United Koreans in Japan


  • South Ossetia
  • Western Armenia
  • Kernow
  • Parishes of Jersey
  • Karpatalya

North America

  • Cascadia


  • Australian First Nations

South America

  • Mapuche

Global ticket

  • Chagos Islands

Our 2020 CONIFA World Cup football betting tips are required to provide not only winners but also nail-biting excitement. That is what most of our clients want, and that is what we try to deliver.

We will give out tips on our Standard Service for every match in the tournament.

Starting with the defending 2018 champions Kárpátalja.

Our prediction for this team in most of the tournament will be was over 2.5 goals and we always looked comfortable. This because in the 2018 world cup only 6 out of the 41 matches played had under 2 goals scored.

The tournament produces a lot of goals and the teams are not defensive stalwarts.

The first goals came after just 5-10 minutes from a match. Things usually go a little quiet then, but it always looks like there would be more goals in the game.

Sure enough in the second half more goals materialize and a winner for us. So yet another one for our football predictions triumphs!

So 100% winning predictions again yesterday, were you part of it? No? (Gasps). Lets fix that.

Seriously, if you have been reading this blog for any length of time, and you haven’t joined our service, you have to ask yourself, why? Everyday that passes sees more winners escape your net, and more profit, that should have been yours, disappear forever.

This summer, like last summer (£1973 profit), is going to be great. The question is, will you be reading about it, or be part of it? I look forward to welcoming you on board.

Soccer picks that win everytime is what we all desire, but of course that just isn’t possible. In my last post I wrote how most punters bail out when they get a few losing football betting tips. I also wrote that is one of the primary reasons why punters lose. That is very true, however you must realise that you have to use the best soccer predictions that have a profitable long term record.

And therein lies the problem. How do you identify the best football predictions?soccer picks Its not easy. What you have to look for is a site that has been around for a long time, has weathered the ups and downs of sports betting and is still going strong. A football site that has a good track record of making profits for its clients. A tipster who stands by his record and is willing to back it by a 200% guarantee.

Here at top ten betting tips, we make money for our clients year in and year out. Our picks are profitable at the start of the season, at the end of the season, in the winter, and even in the summer when those strange soccer leagues that other betting sites struggle with are on.

So as we approach the early stages of this The 2020 CONIFA World Cup football tips, I am delighted to report our previous progress over the last few months and years will guide us into nothing but spectacular wins.

Now I must hasten to add that it is not always going to be like this. We will have our fair share of losers. But we have proved time and time again that sticking with us and using our football predictions is the only way to make those profits you desire.

So Stop Burning Your Money and Change The Way You bet with the 2020 CONIFA World Cup football tips Today

Our Tournament Football Tips certainly deliver on our promises. Starting on the first game of the 2018 tournament, we had a 100% winning football tips, with 3 winners from 3 tips.

The next day was a busy day and we had no less than 4 soccer picks and of these 3 won. It easily could have been 4, but one of our teams got a red card in extra time and conceded a penalty. That’s Football, its never over till it’s over.

The next day was another winning day with 6 tips and 4 winners. We followed this up on Monday with 2 winners from 2 tips. But of course, winners aren’t the be-all and end-all. What we are really looking for is profit.

I am happy to report that these were very profitable football betting tips. Weekend Football TipsAll in all we made a profit of £896 to level stakes. That represents a 22.40% Profit on Turnover on the tournament in 2018.

But of course, anyone can have one good 2020 CONIFA World Cup football tips. The thing I would like to stress is that we do this week after week, month after month, season after season, and year after year.

We have been giving out football tips since 2005 and we have never had a losing year. The reason is simple. We have superior analysts and systems that deliver the football winners you need.

The other thing we have in mind is that no one likes long losing runs. No matter how well you are doing, a losing run will always dent your confidence. Even worse, it may cause you to abandon your strategy (of following our football predictions).

We combat this by only giving our tips that we know have a high chance of winning. The result is short losing runs and long winning runs of football tips.

If you too want The 2020 CONIFA World Cup football tips like the ones above, I suggest you join us today. Places are limited, and if we are SOLD OUT, join our mailing list and we will tell you when we have spaces available again. Winning at football as never been simpler.