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How to Bet the Premier League

How to Bet the Premier League

The English Premier League is undoubtedly one of the most famous among other competitions in Europe when it comes to football gambling. This famous competition and also the highest in the UK is the highest peak compared to other competitions. So don’t be surprised, if all year round the attention of football fans from all over the world is glued to match after match in the competition that lasts almost all year. It’s no exception this year.

For this year, the 2020/21 EPL season has entered its 34th matchday of the week. Each team has shown their ability and outs beat each other in the previous 33rd round. So, what’s the result of the interim standings until this week?

How to Bet the Premier League – 2022 FIFA World Cup
In the top 10, several top teams appear to be finishing. However, some teams that were originally ranked in the top 10 instead jumped to the bottom. Southampton was 18th, while Crystal Palace was 13th. This season can’t be said to be sweet for some of the teams in this midfield.

West Ham United are still in 12th place. Not a bad result when compared to the team’s ranking results in the previous season. This position can still crawl up after West Ham United’s sweet win over Manchester United in the last game of the week.

Leicester City, who won the Premier League two seasons ago, is eighth. This team has not shown any sweet results since last season. Even in the 2020/21 Premier League, Leicester City showed a not-so-slick performance.

Burnley FC have shown promising performances throughout the season. Burnley FC have won consecutive games over the last three games. The team was even able to steal the win from Leichester City with a surprising result. Ranked seventh with 52 points, the team is closer to sixth-placed Arsenal. The Gunners have been one of the teams that has not shown satisfactory results in the last few games.

How to Bet the Premier League

In addition to Arsenal, who have collected only 54 points in the interim, Everton has also shown a not-so-different result. Both teams have been in unfavorable positions over the last few games. The 2020/21 Premier League is a long way from the top five in the premier league.

The 20-year-old has been linked with a move away from The Hawthorns this summer, with The Manchester Club claiming the 20-year-old has been linked with a move away from The Hawthorns. Manchester City, though, made it 87 points clear of their rivals. Manchester United and Liverpool have only 71 and 70 points respectively.

Boxing Betting Sites

Boxing Betting Sites – Get a head start with welcome bonuses

Experienced bookmakers that understand the value of loyal players will come up with good welcome bonuses to help them set in motion their love for boxing and betting. These sign-up offers can be of various values and all have certain terms and conditions. Many bookmakers, each with their own welcome bonus and promotions aimed only at new players.

With Coral, you bet £5 and get £20 in Free Bets. This means that you have to deposit a minimum of £5 to be credited free bets as 4x£5. Free Bet stakes are usually valid for a few days, in this case – only for 4 days, and they can’t be returned if you change your mind. In essence, with Free Bets, you need to lose your first bet to get your money back.

Another welcome bonus that’s pretty similar is 888’s bet £20 to get £40. Here, you sign up with the operator, place your first bet (in this case, a minimum of £10), and claim your bonus. There aren’t really any good or bad welcome bonuses because everything depends on what you want from the bookmaker. Welcome bonuses tend to be more popular among new players, whilst professional punters look beyond the sign-up promotion and check what the operator has in store for them after registering.

The BEST thing about boxing betting sites is that getting free things doesn’t stop after accepting the welcome bonuses. Big bookmakers reward members’ loyalty with regular promotions, some conventional and others with less traditional offers. The greatest boxing betting sites will tailor certain offers on different sports, while others will design promotions that can be valid for multiple sports markets.

Just to start you off with boxing betting, here are a few promotions that you can write down:

With Betway’s Money Back promo, you can receive a refund on all your losing bets if your fighter wins by (technical or non-technical) knockout. You can get up to £50 back, so it’s kind of worth taking a chance. The same idea is advertised by Coral as well, who will give back stakes of £25 maximum for the same outcome. Other bookmakers, like BoyleSports, will give you a refund if the match won’t last at least three rounds, for example. Certain bookies are more focused on boxing betting, therefore their promotions will be more elaborated.

What makes a great boxing betting site?
Famous boxing betting sites are on top of the industry for a reason. Great welcome bonuses, attractive promotions to keep you going after signing up, mobile apps compatible with every imaginable device – the more they tick off, the merrier. Every add-on they put on their site is another reason for players to register as members, and more importantly, it’s a great reason to remain a loyal member who will why not, recommend them to other fans of boxing.

After checking these boxing betting sites out, it can be a little bit discouraging to go with lesser known operators. But remember, the small bookies want to compensate for their lack of history and expertise, therefore they’ll pay even more attention to promotions and their overall offering.

Mr. Green, a Swedish betting site, will surprise you with its innovative approach and gambling mindset. It has a dedicated mobile application that you can download for iOS and Android, a neat, responsive web design, live betting, a large selections of sports and betting options, different styles of accumulators, and unconventional betting alternatives (for example, with Mr. Green you can even bet on politics, film, TV awards etc).

What are the most popular boxing bets?
Same as with any sport, you need to do some serious research before placing your money on a fighter. There are various types of markets available such as standard professional bouts (which contain 10 rounds of three minutes each) or title fights (12 rounds of three minutes each). You can add to this the Olympics boxing.

As a general rule, you can bet on a KO – where the fighter won’t beat the 10-second count after a knockdown, or on a TKO (technical knockout) – where the fighter is unable to continue the fight because of an injury. Decision (the fighters win on points given by the judges), Technical Decision, Disqualification (of a fighter) are also other types of betting on boxing you can take into consideration. Usually, bookmakers choose to offer only a few boxing betting types – the least common being the fight-to-go-the-distance bet, where you wager on whether the fight lasts 12 rounds or that it won’t get to the final bell at all.

How to find the best bookmakers:​​
That’s easy to do. With our best-betting sites page available, you have the biggest bookmakers at your disposal. Whether you’re searching for the most experienced ones, the masters of all, or you want to explore new territories and see what the newcomers have to offer, we are here to lead the way.

Boxing tips: Should you bet on the underdog?
Betting on underdogs is somewhat considered a type of betting that only amateurs or reckless punters would choose. While you can opt for this betting in other sports as well, boxing helps to understand it much easier. We seldom bet on underdogs, as you want to increase your chances of winning by betting on favorites. But, in boxing, luck can easily switch and move to the underdogs’ side and surprise everyone. Here, you can’t always foresee the outcome.
In-Play options – Which bookmaker is right for you?
You can enjoy the thrills of betting on your favorite sport if you register with big operators that have an in-play betting feature incorporated in their offering. In-play boxing betting gives you the opportunity to bet on your favorite fighter while the match is live. This live streaming element makes boxing even more electrifying, regardless of whether you’re betting on domestic bouts or title fights.

Bookies like Coral have great odds and excellent prices on all sorts of bets. After all, your only mission is to spot the next Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, wager on them and… win, of course.

What are the best bookies for mobile users?
It’s nearly impossible today to think of a time when mobile phones were just futurist concepts or not even that. After the famous “www” breaking moment, it took us little time to become addicted to having one, and sometimes two smartphones, in our pocket. Tablets followed suit and now the best boxing betting sites have to shape their offering based on this new way of living. All major sportsbooks have a mobile-optimized version of their site, allowing players to place bets, make deposits and withdraw their funds regardless.

Not all of them have mobile apps compatible with iOS and Android devices, but that’s usually just a matter of time. There are bookmakers that have built their sites in HTML5 and that made mobile browsing much easier, since members don’t need to download or install anything to play on mobile.

Sometimes, operators change their promo package, customising it completely for mobile. For instance, you can have different welcome bonuses if you sign up via mobile or other offers that you can only apply for on the mobile version of the bookmaker. For more details on mobile betting options, visit our dedicated mobile page.

Keep your money safe – find trusted bookmakers
With all the scams and shady deals that are lurking around online, making sure that you don’t end up ripped off is one of the first things every punter should bear in mind. But rest assured, on LatestBettingSites, you will only find legit and UK Gambling Commission licensed boxing betting sites.

There’s no need to bite your nails on whether the deposit you just placed is safe or not. All sites here are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, which is an entity responsible for ensuring that all gambling licensees act in accordance with the law, regulations, and the Gambling Act 2005 standards. Illegal and suspicious gambling activities are reported to the police as soon as such operations are detected.

What payment options are available to me?
You’ll find that the biggest boxing betting sites accept all sorts of payment methods for you. Choose whichever is more convenient for you depending on the time it takes for the funds to reach your account (for withdrawals), the minimum amount you can deposit, and the maximum you can take out. It’s up to you.

While credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard are amongst the most popular ones, e-wallets are also extremely safe and quick. The trendy ones today are Skrill, Neteller, PaySafeCard, and even Apple Pay has started making some waves in the gambling realm.

Get the latest boxing betting offers
Bookmakers are always keen to attract new players, and the run-up to a big fight is a time when bookies flood the market with great new offers, for new and existing players. Keep up to date with all the latest promotions in our dedicated offers section – here you’ll find promos from UK bookies, ranging from the big names to some you might never of heard of.

Looking to expand your bets on related sports? We also have dedicated MMA betting and UFC betting guides for you.

Do Favorites Perform Better in The Finals?

Back in January, I read with great interest Dan Weston’s article about favorites in the latter stages of Grand Slam tennis tournaments. Interestingly Dan found that blindly betting on every favorite from the fourth rounds onwards at each of the four Grand Slams between 2010 and 2013 would have made a very nice return of 6.17%.

I locked this away in my “come back to this later” vault, but as things tend to do, it was quickly forgotten. That was until I was watching the recent World UEFA Champions League Cup finals, and noticed that favorite after favorite just kept winning.  It was then I remembered Dan’s article and wondered, would his results apply to other sports as well?

The more I thought about it, the more it made sense that favourites would do well in the later stages of tournament and leagues. Not only has the market had an extended period of exposed form to analyse, but with few games available to analyse and bet, the focus of the market is squarely on these available matches.

So is this the case? Do favourites actually do well in finals/playoff matches?

To test this out I first looked at the finals matches of the last 5 seasons from the National Rugby League (NRL), and Australian Football League (AFL). Both leagues promote the top 8 teams from their respective regular season competitions to a four week finals series, and since 2012 both leagues have followed the same finals format.

Interestingly over that period, 71% of favorites won finals matches in both leagues. Betting blindly with level stakes on each favorite would have returned a -14% loss for the NRL, while the AFL returned a surprising 12%. This gives us an overall loss of -2% across both sports. Not a very encouraging start for the theory, especially given that blindly betting the NRL underdogs returned -1%.

But if we take out the first round of the finals, and only look at quarterfinals, qualifying finals, and grand finals something interesting happens. Suddenly the NRL’s loss becomes a 10% profit, while the AFL returns 32%. Only count the qualifying finals and grand final and the NRL returns 24% and the AFL 33%!

But it’s the grand final where the favourites really shine, in the combined 10 grand finals only the Sydney Swans in 2012 won as underdogs. Blindly betting the favourite in both the NRL and AFL grand finals since 2009 would have returned a whopping 93%!

Performance of Favorites in Finals Matches 2009-13
National Rugby LeagueAustralian Football League
Round Counted FromFav Win %Dog Return %Fav Return %lFav Win %Dog Return %Fav Return %
Quarter Final72-2110l92-8132
Semi Final80-4524l93-8333
Grand Final100-10062l80-5031

To test further I looked at the results of the recent NBA 2020/21 playoffs. The playoffs comprise a best of 7 series of matches, with alternating home court advantage.

This gives us the perfect combination of both results without the advantage of a bye week or home ground, while the best of 7 series reduces the impact of “luck” that we may see in a one-off match.

In just one season of NBA Playoffs we also get a similar number of matches to that seen in the combined NRL and AFL results over 5 seasons (86 NBA matches compared to 90).

There are of course quite reasonable and rational explanations that can be made for these results. Quite simply both finals series are geared towards rewarding highly ranked teams from the regular season through “easier” opposition, home ground advantage, and bye weeks. So what if we looked at a sport where some of these factors are taken out of play, would we see the favorites get better the longer the progress of the final?

From the beginning of the first round of the Playoffs, right through until game 5 of The Finals, 61% of favourites won matches, 10% less than that seen in the NRL and AFL. This was certainly not a promising start, blindly betting on all favourite would have lost you 13%, while doing the same with underdogs would have netted a very respectable 23% profit.

But again, as we progressed through the Playoffs the number of favourites winning increased. Counting from the Conference Semis on, 67% of favourites won their matches returning a profit of 6%. From the Conference Finals onwards this increased to 74% of favourites winning for a profit of 16%.  So not as high as what we saw with the NRL and AFL, but a 16% return on investment is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

Performance of Favourites in NBA Playoff Matches 2014
Round Counted FromFav Win %Dog Return %Fav Return %
Conference Semis67-66
Conference Finals74-3516
The Finals4060-42

What also may have skewed this particular season was San Antonio’s upset against the highly fancied Miami Heat in the 5 Finals matches. Only two favourites won in the five games series, meaning that betting on favourites only in The Finals would have lost 42%. This was very different from the results seen in the NRL and AFL so was worth investigating further, as there certainly could be a “Heat factor” at play.

I ran the test again on Finals matches since 2010 to see if the 2014 Finals were an anomaly, or if they would start trending towards what we saw with the NRL and AFL (although it should be noted that the Heat were involved in four of the five series). Through the five series a total of 64% of favourites won their match for a return of 1%, certainly nothing to write home about there, and a long way from the numbers seen in the other leagues.

Performance of Favourites in NBA Finals Matches 2009-13
Fav Win %Dog Return %Fav Return %

I then wondered if the fact that the NBA did have 7 game series meant that team played differently than when defeat meant elimination for the year. It was in these circumstances that we saw the biggest returns across tennis, NRL and AFL. I wondered if running the test over another sport where more than one matches determined the team to progress would produce similar results, but my most obvious choices the Champions League and NHL both have a draw as a betting option at the end of regulation time so making a comparison would be difficult. I also contemplated using MLB, however with the pitcher being a significant part of the market offered I felt that again this would not be comparing apples with apples.

So instead I went to the NFL, where every game in the Playoffs is sudden death. Like the NRL and AFL, the NFL does have home ground advantage to higher placed teams until the Superbowl. Across 55 Playoff matches over the 5 season the favourite won 60% of the time, the lowest seen across all of the sports examined. Like the NBA, betting the underdog in each match would have made a profit (17%), while betting the favourite would have seen a loss of 14%.

However, like all other sports, the favorites re-bounded from the Divisional round onwards, with 66% of teams winning, although you still would have lost 1% of your bankroll. It’s not until the Superbowl that we see something very strange, in the five seasons examined, only the Green Bay Packers won the Superbowl as favorites. Amazingly you would have made 91% profit blindly betting the underdog in each Superbowl since 2010.

Performance of Favourites in NFL Playoff Matches 2010-14
Round Counted FromFav Win %Dog Return %Fav Return %

So what can we gain from my very brief look into the performance of favourites in finals series? Well unfortunately not a lot, like all matches it is vitally important to handicap each event individually, and a blind betting strategy is unlikely to provide you with long term results.

In collecting the data though it was interesting to uncover what were sides obviously under-rated by the market continuously causing upsets through a finals campaign. Teams like the 2013 Baltimore Ravens, 2012 Sydney Swans, and 2011 New Zealand Warriors won multiple matches as underdogs suggesting that they were not found in betting by many. Like all sport betting it may be about finding an edge and uncovering these gems which will provide the greatest returns in the long term.

Sports Betting Strategies That Win

Sports Betting strategies – The 50-50 Chance
Welcome to another edition of Sports Betting 101, this is Professor bets, the prof with the stuff, and I will teach you another very important principle about sports betting. Yup, you read it right, you’ll be unceremoniously schooled, again.

In our new lesson, I will teach you the one thing sports bettors don’t want to hear.

The 50-50 Chance.

Most gamblers don’t want to hear this phrase, in fact, most of them don’t even want to believe in it. Well, folks, stop being a joke, because believe it or not, your chances of winning in the sport of gambling is never better than 50-50.

Take for example in roulette, there are eighteen red numbers eighteen black numbers, plus the 0 and 00. That’s about a 50-50 chance of one of those two colors will show.

The same goes if you bet odd or even in roulette. There are eighteen odd numbers and there are eighteen even numbers. Even high-low bets offer you a 50-50 chance of winning. Eighteen numbers that go from 1-18 are low and eighteen numbers that go from 19-36 are high.

Sports Betting strategies in team sports

In team sports games, you get to choose one between the two competing teams, hence giving you a 50-50 chance. If you choose the Boston Celtics over the Detroit Pistons, which in my opinion will be utterly stupid, there’s a 50-50 chance that the Pistons will beat the Celtics and cream you down.

My point is, no matter how good a handicapper you are, you and that bum on the street both have a 50-50 chance of winning here in this world of sports betting. It’s just a matter

Sports Betting strategies FAQ’s
Q: How much time does a game have to play for my bet to have action?
A: For both Pro and College football, the game must go to 55 minutes of play.

Q: When a game goes into overtime how does this affect my total wager?
A: When wagering on game, second half and fourth quarter totals, overtime is included in the final score.

Q: If I bet a teaser and one team ties what happens to my wager?
A: If a team ties in a teaser, your bet is reduced the next level of teaser. For example, a 4-team teaser would become a 3-team teaser and the odds would be adjusted accordingly. In the event of a 2-team teaser with a tie and a win, you would get a refund and a tie and any loser is a loss.

Q: Can I put totals in teasers?
A: We accept totals in a regular teaser but in a Sweetheart teaser and a Pick-4 teasers, you cannot use totals.

Q: What happens if a game ties in a Sweetheart teaser or Pick-4 teaser?
A: In Sweetheart teasers and Pick-4 teasers, ties lose.

Q: How many points can I adjust my lines by in teasers?
A: With a regular teaser you can adjust the line in your favor by 6, 6 ½, and 7 points. In Sweetheart teasers you get 10 points and in Pick-4 teasers you get 12 points for NFL and 13 points for College Football.

Q: Can I buy points in football? If so, how many points can I buy?
A: Yes. You can buy up to 3 points in football, and it is an extra 10 cents juice per half point. However, when buying on and off the 3 in NFL, it costs an extra 20 cents per half point.

For example: if you want to take a game from +2 ½ to +3 ½ it will cost you 150/100. If you buy it from -3 to -2 ½, it will cost you 130/100.

Q: What happens if a team ties in a parlay?
A: When wagering on parlays, if one team ties, the parlay will reduce to next level.

For example: a 4-team parlay would become a 3-team parlay and the odds adjusted accordingly. In the event of a 2-team parlay and one team ties you will have a straight wager on the other team – risking the amount you risked on the parlay.

Q: Do you offer money-lines in football?
A: Yes – we offer money-lines in football. Money lines are posted on the day of the game and are offered on games with point-spreads from 2 ½ to 9.

Q: Can you parlay the money-line?
A: Yes – you can parlay the money-lines in football.

Q: Can I parlay football with other sports?
A: Yes – you can combine sports in parlays.

Q: Do you offer first and second halves on football games?
A: We offer first half and second half bets on all Pro and most College games. We also offer quarter wagering on NFL games.

Q: If a game goes into overtime, how does this affect my 4th Quarter wager?
A: When wagering on the 4th Quarter, overtime is included in the final score.

Q: What is the college overtime procedure?
A: College football overtimes commence with a 1st-and-10 starting on the opponents 25-yard line.

Sports Betting strategies more FAQs
Q: Do you offer propositions bets on football games?
A: Yes – we offer different types of Proposition bets on football. We have props for the entire season (e.g. total season wins, win Super Bowl). We also offer props on individual games, Monday Night Football, Thursday night football, Friday night football, selected College games on Saturdays, and the Sunday night NFL game.

Q: How many games do they have to play for my season props to have action?
A: In order for your season props to have action, they must complete the Regular season: 16 games for NFL and for College football they play their complete schedule. Different teams play different amounts of games.

Q: If a player only plays for 1 minute of the game will my prop bet a canceled?
A: When betting on player props, as long as he plays – even if it is only for a few seconds – the bet will have action. Your wager will only be canceled if he doesn’t play at all. In the event of a 2-player match-up, as long as one player starts, the bet has action.

NCAA Football Betting Odds

NCAA Football betting odds – Bet college football odds

Welcome to top10bettingtips. This website is going to provide you all the information and tips for Online Football Betting. On this site you can access to the most updated NFL and NCAA Football Gambling Odds, you can also find Betting Schedules and information about the Top Sportsbooks and Recommended Casinos on the market.

And of course please do not forget to check on the latest Live Sports Betting Lines.

2020-2021 NCAA College Football Games Odds and Info
NCAA College Football Games odds
One of the best college football coverage throughout the years and 2020 is only going to have even better NCAA college football coverage. We begin the season with our college football previews.

NCAA college football betting is more than a hobby, it is a game played by thousands of Internet users all over the world and this year promises to be another year for the record books in College Football as a good amount of top schools are bringing back their star players.

With no less than 1057 teams spread out over three divisions, the NCAA football program leaves bettors with plenty to wager on. Las Vegas college football betting, with the shear number of games in a season, offers some wonderful NCAA betting opportunities.

Before viewing the weekly NCAA football odds – Read up on some of the ins and outs of booking college football bets and how these spreads can create profitable betting situations. Bet 2020 NCAA Football Odds

2021 Super Bowl
February 4, 2018

Location: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida, on February 7, 2021

CFP Championship Games
The CFP was created by the conferences and schools before the 1998 season to assure a matchup between the top two teams correcting a major flaw in the bowl system while maintaining and enhancing the traditional bowl system that’s nearly 100 years old. In the seasons since, the CFP has become the sport’s showcase event.

Each year the college football season culminates with 30+ bowl games. These bowl games start in mid-December and play past New Year’s Day into the first week of January. The bowl games are designed to showcase college football, crown a National Champion, reward teams for their success on the field and provide exciting match ups for the fans. More CFP – Bowl Championship Series Game Betting

Rose Bowl

January 1, 2021

Location: Pasadena, CA

ESPN 5:00 pm ET

Bet Rose Bowl College Football Now

Capital One Orange Bowl 2021

December 30, 2021

Location: Miami Gardens, FL

ESPN 8:00 pm ET

Bet Orange Bowl College Football Now

Fiesta Bowl

December 30, 2021

Location: Glendale, AZ

ESPN 7:00 pm ET

Bet Fiesta Bowl College Football Now

Allstate Sugar Bowl

January 1, 2021

Location: Mercedes-Benz Superdome New Orleans, LA

ESPN 8:30 pm ET

Bet Sugar Bowl College Football Now

CFP National Championship

January 8, 2021

Location: Mercedes-Benz Superdome New Orleans, Louisiana

ESPN 8:30 pm ET

CFP – Bowl Championship Series Game Betting

Full NCAA College Football Bowls Schedules

Different Types Of Bets To Wager On College Football

Straight Bets
The team bet on must win by the point spread given at the time of the bet. For straight bets, unless otherwise indicated, the odds are $1.10 to win $1.00. Games that tie are considered “no action” and money is re-deposited back into your account. Due to changing events, the point spread may fluctuate at any time.

Learn with three easy steps how to choose the best sportsbook.

NCAA College Football Official Game Rules

Wanting to do some college football betting, but need to sharpen up your knowledge of football rules. Then this is the site for you! NCAA College Football Betting offers the most updated information.

Goalposts: The goalpost width between uprights is 23ft 4in in college football; in professional football the width between goalposts is 18ft 6in.

The field: for the college game has the same overall dimensions as that for the professional game, but the inbounds lines in college football are only 53ft 4in in from the sidelines, and the goal line is the equivalent of the end line on the professional field. In professional football the inbounds lines are 70ft 9in in from the sidelines.

Ball: The ball used in professional football is all leather; colleges may use a rubber or composition-cover ball if agreed beforehand. The dimensions of the ball specified for use in college football are similar to those specified for use by professional players, except that the short circumference must be 21-21 1/4in compared to 21 1/4—21 1/2in in professional football.

College Football Official Betting Rules

Learn About Money Lines And Point Spreads To Bet On NFL Football

Football Betting Lines
The two most popular ways of expressing odds in American football are point spreads and money lines.

Here you will find out how football betting money lines work and how to read them. The way to understand a money line, is to think of it as an indication of the amount you need to bet to win $100 or the amount you will win.

Learn More about Money lines

Best Football Odds For This Season
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2021 CFP Championship Game
The CFP Championship Game will take place on Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida will host the College Football National Championship on Monday, Jan. 11, 2021. This will mark the sixth time under the new system that a national champion team will be named for college football as the result of a stand-alone game.

After the four CFP bowl games are over, The Rose Bowl, The Fiesta Bowl, The Sugar Bowl and The Orange Bowl, the CFP Championship game will be played. It will rotate around the four cities where those bowl games are played.

Who gets to play? It has nothing to do with which teams win the bowl games. The NCAA football teams that will meet in the CFP championship game are the top two-ranked teams in the CFP standings, announced in early December.

Betting the NCAAF Football Season and The CFP Championship Bowls

Betting the NCAAF Football Season and The CFP Championship Bowls

The 2020 season CFP Championship Game will take place at the Hard Rock Stadium in the Miami Gardens, Florida on January 11, 2021. What is interesting about this is that both the BIG 10 with Ohio State which is ranked the number two team in the country and the PAC 12 have canceled their respective football seasons because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Interestingly The NCAA called off fall championship events except for football betting that is because the college football playoff committee was quick to proclaim that they were still open for business and will crown a champion and have the playoffs with just the teams that choose to play.

This will mark the 9th times under the new system that a national champion team will be named for college football as the result of a stand-alone game.

After the four CFP bowl games are over, The Rose Bowl, The Fiesta Bowl, The Sugar Bowl, and The Orange Bowl, the CFP Championship game will be played. It will rotate around the four cities where those bowl games are played.

Who gets to play? It really has absolutely had zero zilch nothing at all to do with which teams win the bowl games. The NCAA football teams that will meet in the CFP championship game are the top two-ranked teams in the CFP standings, announced in early December.

Betting the NCAAF Football Season

The college regular season has all but ended before it began as many schools choose to shut down their fall collegiate athletics, with hopes of having some form of spring football. And all we have left are the conference championship games and the teams that choose to push forward. Of course, the season and the conference championship games are now huge as ever, especially the Big 12 and SEC games, and will determine who plays in the CFP.

Over the course of the next season in 2021 or so, all of the bowl slots will be filled. Once that occurs, I will update the table below with all of the matchups. Until then lets enjoy this upcoming season even if it will be a skeleton of the envisioned season and I personally have a sneaky suspecion that it will not go on after many schools continue to shut down.

I mean how can you have a national champion without the number two team in the country in the Ohio SAtae Buckeyes?

We recommend the best sports books for NCAAF Football betting.

Bovada – The most established and recognized sportsbook in the world. Bovada focuses on customer service and on treating players exceptionally well, this takes shape in offering VIP services such as VIP clubs, huge sign-up, and ongoing bonuses, and ongoing VIP treatment. The odds that they offer are superior to the industry average. This book also has an easily accessible customer support

You you ever require customer assistance you’ll be pleased with the fact that all phone calls are answered on the first ring, and all emails are responded to within 15 minutes.

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Is this safe?
Thousands of players have enjoyed NCAA betting on the internet. The sport books we recommend have paid out millions in winnings.

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No, it is not.

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This website is designed with an international audience in mind. Please ensure that it is legal in your country/state/province before placing a wager.

Betting the NCAAF Football Season with the top Handicappers
Selecting a good handicapper is not an easy task, we know that because of experience with past sports betting in. You should always stay away from those handicappers that promise miracles, and that give special picks for a different type of for different amounts of money.

Easy money isn’t real, specially when parlay odds as any knows. When you got to be sure also were your are, because of the always changing lines of the .

For more information on trust, don’t forget to check our review sections for reviews and more. Also, check our other premium sections.

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Football Tips that Rock

Football Tips that Rock – As I write this we have actually had an already had a profitable start to November.

If you want the best soccer tips, then this soccer tips service must be your choice.

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Football betting tips come good

With the world cup qualifiers on at the moment, I have a spare moment at last and thought I would update the blog.

September was and extraordinary month for us we had a total of 47 football betting selections and of these 44 won. Our online soccer betting profit for the month was a massive 33.65 points.

In real money this means that if you placed a £100 bet on each then you would have won £3365.

Will every month be like this? Of course not! In some months we might do worse, in others a lot worse! The important thing to always remember and trust is that we WILL make you money from football betting in the long run.

All you need and have to do is actually take the courage of your convictions and to keep following us. It might just be that when you join us we will have one of our rare bad months.

Bad months are part and parcel of sports betting. The important thing to know is that we have had one losing month since we started, and only 5 where the profit has been less than 5 points.

All profits are quoted to 1 point level stakes. We don’t use progressive betting or any gimmicks here. Just good old fashioned winners.

As I write this October is already in profit, and we are headed for another good month.  This service does one thing – it delivers long term profits. Full stop.

Holy cow! This Football betting Tips Rock!

That was the message I received from a new subscriber to the football betting tips. He has only been with the football tips service for a couple of months and is still building his bank.

So what brought about that reaction? Quite simply stunning results in the months of July and August.

July was our busiest on record with no less than 21 selections! All but one of these won. The loser? The St. Polten vs RB Salzburg B match.  It was looking like we would make it a 100% record for the month, but then on the later part of the month, actually on the 24th of the month we had a loser.

The final outcome is 21 selections and 16.55 points profit.

August was the real eye opener for new members. We had 58 football betting tips and the profit to 1 point level stakes was 37.90 points! This makes August our new record holder for the amount of profit generated.

The year is going very well so far, but I want to stress that we CAN have bad months. In over ten years of this service we have had just one losing month and 4 months when we made a profit of less than 5 points.

But the bad months are usually followed by extremely good ones, and we have made a profit every year since the service began.

There aren’t many services that can claim that.

Profitable Football Betting Tips

May was the best month ever for my football betting tips. This part of the football season generated a bonanza of tips.

We had 43 selections and 29.15 points profits to 1 point level stakes. What a month. After that June was always going to be up against it, but it came good as well.

We had 14 selections in June and profits of 9.55 points to 1 point level stakes.

Over the last of the previous two months (May and June 2020) we have had 57 selections and no less than 38.7 points profit.

If you can find better football betting tips anywhere, I will be amazed!

At this time I actually must point out that although we have been winning a lot in the last and past few months, it is also possible to have bad months. So if you are joining the service come in with your eyes open and be prepared to stick with it.

Only then will you start to make long term profits.

Football Tips

My football tips for the month of March and April were quite impressive.

We had 13 football tips in March and a profit of 8.35 points. In April we had 26 soccer betting tips and 15.85 points profit.

So we are looking very good this year, my football picks have brought in over 26 points profit.

Now we move into spring and summer, and I can’t wait to see how these football betting systems perform. If previous years are anything to go by, we are going to make lots of profit.

Bring it on! This has got and will always be the best football betting tips service around!

Do I need any skill to use the betting tips system?

Up to now, many football fans are fond of betting on football and even have incorporated football betting into their lives. They hope to support their teams and get certain benefits at the same time. Of course, the idea is very good, but the implementation of the process will always find uncertain factors. Because the outcome of the game is impossible to control, but need a stroke of certain luck. However, how to find a platform of credibility like the official website of football betting, so that players can certainly get more wealth.

3. It can be said that the official website of football betting is a dedicated professional football betting platform with a good reputation and reputation. It is one of the most popular football betting platforms in the industry with high accuracy and high yield. This platform, not only has a strong amount of capital but also can have a more powerful analysis and reference, for each player bet to bring a certain help. The platform not only has strong security, in the professional forecast analysis of the paper are an indicator of the lottery results, therefore, numerous players also have considerable income, and with the analysis of the related data, can for the above this one lift field have a more profound judgment, can help the company more good change their purpose.

Of course, in every game, football betting official website will often give the player a set odds, so that the player can provide a set reference. Of course, if you only look at the odds is far from enough, one must be combined with the relevant analysis data, the player can make up his mind to invest, otherwise, the consequences of blind betting is conceivable, and may even be devastating, so the player must pay attention to.

Fourthly, the official website of football betting brings more positive references to players’ betting

For every football betting player, only by truly mastering the betting playing method and understanding the official website of platform football betting can we make ourselves better become a real football betting blogger. Betting on football betting platform brings unlimited convenient services to players. Meanwhile, players need to constantly improve their strategic skills to perform well in the game.

It is relatively easy to predict and analyze the proportion of bets compared with the result of predicting the competition. For a football game, we may be able to guess the right one game, but it is impossible to be right every game, but there are a large number of punters, although everyone thinks differently, compared with a large number of people, it is obvious. Of course, there are exceptions to everything, but there is a good chance of success in this way to understand how to calculate odds in football. Evaluate the strength of the two teams based on the strength of the players, the order of collocation, and the previous achievements, and then predict the outcome of the match.

As we all know, in fact, balance is a standard to measure the dish mouth, this platform football betting official website dish mouth will make players look very safe, in fact, it is not, such dish mouth risk is greater, so we have to find some differences. In fact, such a situation has lost the game, betting is just to add some Numbers to the banker’s assets, a lot of dish mouth is so if we do not refer to this dish mouth, as long as the simple calculation of a odds has been very good. Reverse betting is now prevalent in various dish mouth, in fact, such a betting concept is very good, but if too many players use this technique, I believe that dish mouth will one day return to the most primitive standard form.

Players in the football betting website bet before is sure to understand some data, so who gave this data? Most of the data is given by the banker, so we can determine that these data are the most beneficial to the banker, our players can only play a reference role, so the difference also appears. According to the nature of the course is also this point, the various means of the bookmaker is based on the water level and the number of balls, so we should also be based on the same betting process after all to judge, so as to maximize the probability of winning.

Football betting website bring unprecedented wonderful experience to football betting players 1, football betting website provide gamers with better service, along with the continuous development of the platform, opened one after another their ideas for players, learning skills, access to information, share the forecast result of the online communication platform, the more greatly increases the football betting the playability of the game, irritating, authenticity, for players to create a football betting information sharing zone.

From the current scale, football betting website belongs to the most powerful football betting online platform, from the credibility and stability is also very good, the safety of the players play here property can be guaranteed, the main thing is that the platform provides is not simple, one side in the swim a lot of analysis, the primary players can through the analysis of some related, thus to play the game better bets, on payment of money at the same time also try to achieve the first time to make the transfer.

Of course, while playing online football betting the risk is very high, but is not to say that have no chance to get big bonuses, as long as the player can reasonable use of their money at hand, and be able to thoroughly study, so players in soccer football betting platform can be in an impregnable position from beginning to end, win lucrative bonuses, the most important thing is that you can harvest in this entertainment platform belongs to you my first bucket of gold.More senior professional prediction and evaluation team according to the odds of football tailored for you to make bets, greatly increase the odds.Bring to the player not only the spirit of entertainment, but also brought economic benefits.

Football betting website since are always able to give players the best game places as the purpose, in the unceasing development, a platform to learn a lot of business experience, constantly to change some game control mode of the platform, and related services to improve, its purpose is to want players in the game can carry on the football betting more comfort, let the entertainment life more passionate.

Football Betting with Footie Away Days

Football betting with Footie Away Days – Football is one of the most popular sports in the UK and even in the world. For many football fans at home and abroad, watching football games has become an indispensable entertainment.

At the same time of watching entertainment, it is essential to predict the game, it one aspect exercise our logical thinking ability, another aspect also greatly increased the entertainment of watching sports events, so that more and more people joined the football game prediction team. The official website of football betting is one of the few legitimate online soccer betting platforms, which can provide players with more perfect services, so it is widely praised by the industry.

1. What is the scope of football betting
2. With the continuous development of network technology, soccer betting

is becoming more and more popular. As long as you log on to the official website of football betting at home, you can also experience the passion and excitement of football matches at home. Through the platform for cash football betting, not only more secure, but also from now on you are not limited by space, time, and other people with the same way to enjoy the infinite fun of soccer betting.
2, there are many rules for soccer betting, players can bet on the football team win or lose, can also predict the score of the game between the two teams; You can also bet on the number of goals scored on and off the team, and the total number of goals scored. There are many new professional vocabularies, such as surprise, dark horse and odds, and so on, alternative novel play is not very attractive to your eyes? In fact, these are the most basic rules of football betting. In fact, in the eyes of many of our lottery players, let the ball often appears in the football lottery, but each time the ball also represents the balance, although in the soccer betting rules is not all the dish mouth is like this, but at least some lottery players can not see the gap.
3, if there is no technical support, in any case, the outcome of the game will also appear a certain deviation, you may know the outcome of the betting probability is not very high, but if there is no comparison of the whole game. Such professional football betting rules require players to pay more attention to study, as much as possible to understand the betting rules of nature is beneficial. There are many players around in the football betting rules did not understand when they blindly participate, the result is often a loser, ignoring the importance of the rules of betting is often tragic consequences, so this is enough to play a good warning to the future.
Two, football betting official website to take into account the interests of the players
1. To say which is the most popular football betting platform, a lot of people will naturally think of the football betting website. The network of soccer betting there are too many advantages, however, the emergence of more and more network football betting platform also poses a variety of choice, and the entertainment brand’s success is inseparable with its own strength level, it can make the entertainment better to enjoy the game better, can feel the game brings to us players of the stimulus to enjoy entertainment, can let oneself grasp more fully game, let oneself better enjoy the wonderful entertainment experience.
2. I want to achieve the goal of winning money smoothly in platform games so that I can become an excellent player steadily and deal with games easily so that I can get good money income. In this case, do not neglect to master the skills from multiple aspects. Good strategic skills, for us to play the football betting website games will bring a good effect, can better to help us achieve the goal of winning money. Although online football betting has become a good choice highly recognized by many people, we need to have excellent psychological quality, constantly improve their psychological endurance, so that they can better play these games.
3, maybe some people will not have any goodwill, on the football betting platform will always think of football betting is raffish, should not engage in need, the truth is that the current these games have become more and more specification, the rules of the game fair and has a strict management mode, omnidirectional to the protection of the real benefits of fun home, it is with the traditional football betting the essence of the difference, so the correct understanding of the network of football betting positive or very be necessary, professional also can better to experience the fun of soccer betting.
4, participate in football betting, play the housework need to adjust their mentality, as well as attitude, will determine your game style and the way of thinking, if you can have a good mentality in the game, so if you want to win money in the game, you won’t have any problem, here to remind many game players, don’t can’t stand failure, there are a lot of players failed, its main reason is the excessive pursuit of victory, ignore some important factors, which was responsible for the failure occurred, only with a correct and positive attitude, then become a big winner in soccer betting website is easy to implement.

Three, football betting website-related odds are the highest in the industry

1, In a soccer betting website, players can be self-checking of projections for all games and betting, you more can you want to make the bold speculation, the results of the platform at the same time set by the betting odds is relatively higher, as long as we use enough betting skills, then certainly can get more bonuses. In this entertainment does not need the tedious operation trouble, only needs the close thought and the serious thought to go. The relevant bets on this platform are absolutely fair to every player. Pick up the bet and make enough preparations to make your own bets for the game you love.

Football Betting Prediction For Long Term Success

Football Betting Prediction For Long Term Success – The final preparations of the teams for the football event of the year are underway.

On 2nd August, the final match of the 2020 FA Cup Football Championship between Arsenal and Chelsea will be whistled. For fans of sports betting, such an event offers of course special possibilities, as the betting portals are also particularly prepared for it.

At Bet365, customers bet on all games of the major event. The provider has even set up an extra area where not only can you traditionally type for victory, draw or defeat.

For almost every game there are special bets such as the half-time result, the number of goals in the game, or the number of goals after ten minutes.

The Bet365 FA Cup bets are therefore recommended for any football fan who wants to deal in detail with sports betting for the FA Cup Championship. After the start of the games, there will certainly be a large area for popular live bets.

Football Betting Prediction For Long Term Success with Bet365

Bet365 is one of the most popular providers in the sports betting market. This is mainly due to the fact that the offer is huge.

Not only to the current event with the Bet365 betting, but the online office is also one of the best of its kind. Although King Football is the most important sport at Bet365, fans of other sports will get their money’s worth. Thus, the betting portal has many other areas from the world of sport in its offer.

Not only the usual suspects such as basketball, boxing or ski jumping, but also darts, snooker or greyhound racing. So there’s something for every fan of sports betting.

And if it is supposed to be something quite different than bet 365, for example, he can try his luck with the so-called financial bets.

Since this provider is also known for its relatively high odds, there is really nothing to prevent the offer from being tested extensively, football fans can use the Bet365 betting to do so.

What is special about this offer is that the provider offers new customers an excellent new customer bonus, which can be up to 100 euros. This works in such a way that Bet365 gives its customers the same amount that they pay into their new betting account for the first time.

This means that if he pays 100 euros for the first time, he will receive another 100 euros as a gift. However, this bonus is subject to a number of conditions, which are perfectly understandable and also necessary in order to put a stop to customers with fraudulent intentions.

These conditions state that the credit, i.e. in our example, the 200 euros, must be waged at least three times for sports betting within a certain period of time, for bets with a minimum odds of 1.5. Only when this is fulfilled can the customer request a withdrawal. When you consider that you are simply given EUR 100 as a gift, these conditions seem perfectly legitimate.

If you do not yet know the provider, you can take advantage of the described new customer bonus and use it for the Football Betting Prediction For Long Term Success and Bet365 betting.

Who knows, maybe one or the other customer can be convinced of the great offer.